Supplier registration process

KIOS procurements activities are performed in accordance with the prevailing approved Purchasing Procedures and is very conscious of its responsibility and accountability in the expenditures of the company’s financial resources. The department overall objective is to ensure that goods and services are obtained expeditiously and economically, that operational requirements are satisfied as per the procedures. It also maintain the principles of competitiveness and confidentiality.
To register and be included in our approved suppliers’ database, the interested companies are required to fill up the attached Supplier Pre-qualification Questionnaire form (KIOS-PRD-RP-004 Rev. 3) which is in accordance with the procedure of the company.
The Questionnaire must be completed in full compliance with the Instructions. Failure to comply with mentioned requirements may lead to the rejection of the request for consideration.



  • If the answer is positive and the requested document is available, please put a tick in the column "YES", and provide with the required documents.
  • If the answer is negative, and the required document is not available, please put a tick in the column "NO".
  • If question is not applicable for "KIOS TECHFLOW" materials / services supply and not provided by the presence of the requested document, please put a tick in the box "N / A".


  • Please kindly submit copies of documents of your company according to the list as detailed in the questionnaire.


  • Please kindly sign and stamped with your company seal then send scanned copy of the duly completed questionnaire along with the copies of the documents required in section 6 above via our e-mail address provided below.
  • The filled up Supplier Pre-qualification Questionnaire form together with Presentations, Price Lists and other required documents can be submitted to the e-mail:
  • Should you have any questions or clarifications, you may contact us at the same e-mail above. Kindly note that KIOS Techflow server will not accept messages with attachments over 13 MB in size.