Facility Features

Manufacturing Area & Workshop Area 1000 sqm Office Area for Management, Employees and Client 300 sqm Production Areas equipped by 5 tonne Overhead Crane Full size Compressor System

Manufacturing Facility Capability Description

Preservation Area for medium and long valve storage QC Equipment for client components verification HP Nitrogen Console + HP Gas Booster up to 20000'’ Torque Tool for Valve Stroking Measurement up to 20000 Nm
Hydrostatic pressure test bench up to 24'’ 1500# ANSI HP Hydrostatic CPU up to 20000 psi HSE Safety Bunkers for pressure test Assembling Area for Ball/Gate Valves up to 24

Machining Workshop Capability Description

Ball Grinding Machine up to 16'’
Welding station for overlay up to16'’
Horizontal Lathe Machine 800 mm chuck
Vertical Drilling Machine
Vertical Lathe Machine 1500 mm chuck
Boring Machine 1100 mm x 1100 mm
HSE Safety Protection for Maching Area
Milling Machine and Boring Machine