Quality control department

For quality control efficient operation process, quality control department was formed in the Company.

Quality control department-is responsible for quality assurance, quality control, compliance with international quality standards, legislative requirements. Performs study of certain requirements, and then introduces them into operation process or in any other activity.
An effective quality control system facilitate timely prevention or reduction of failures and errors in the work, followed by their correction with minimal material costs and losses. Therefore, in control process, special attention is paid to strict control of operation processes and prevention of non-conformities.
Quality control structure consists of qualified quality engineers and inspectors, performing control on the operations sites.

Quality control department plays an important role in ensuring the prevention of non-conformities and is responsible for the accuracy of control results.

The main duties of the Department, as well as the functions of the quality control service, are:

ensuring the provision of quality and competitive services by the Company;
methodological support (normative-technical and technological documentation, reference materials) of all Company owners of the process.
monitoring compliance with internal procedures;
increasing the responsibility of all parts of production for the quality of services;
quality control of services provided by the Company;
development of measures to improve the quality of services.
One of the main roles in the organization of the quality control process in the KIOS Techflow company is played by the correct distribution of responsibility and authority.
It is required that each employee meets requirements for skills and experience, and strictly perform their duties. The level of control, in turn, depends on the skills of employees, their attentiveness to the process of control and production.
The most reliable way to minimize nonconformities is to organize training and certification of employees.

According to the results of monitoring conducted by the Department, the followings solutions can be adpoted:

In addition to registration, the results of control are confirmed by marking according to the internal procedure of the company.

Quality control Department cooperates with all structural divisions of the KIOS Techflow Company. The most significant is integration with HSE department through an integrated management system.