Head of Human Resources Department

Personnel section establishes itself as a leading and signification position within a structure of any modern organization.
There is even a theory that Personnel section is a business card or a face of an organization, because the first place a new employee gets in is HR Department.
The main task of HR Department is to search, select, and recruitment of personnel on professions, specialties and qualifications required in accordance with Policy and Objectives of the Company, as well as the requirements of the regulatory acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the internal regulatory documents of the Company.
HR Department operates so to ensure a single set of organizational steps aimed at maximizing the use of professional capabilities of employees.
If personnel is properly motivated and interested in the effective performance of their duties, an organization shall be definitely competitive.
Today it is difficult to imagine any successful company with no Personnel section and covering personnel management and maintenance.
Important decisions of experts on personnel issues ensure appropriate career development and effective arranging of work at any organization.

The main functions of HR Department are:

  • development HR policy of the Company;
  • determination of need in personnel, staff recruitment in liaison with heads of departments;
  • formation and maintenance of a database on the quantitative and qualitative composition of personnel, their development, movement, personnel records;
  • creation of a reserve for promotion, planning a business career;
  • development of a comprehensive employee assessment system;
  • timely registration of admission, transfer, dismissal in accordance with applicable regulatory and legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, acts of employer, issuing certificates of employment, storing and filling out labor-books and other documents of employees, maintaining the established personnel documentation;
  • control over time-keeping in departments, implementation vacation schedule observation following-up, control over labor discipline, turnover analysis, development of actions to strengthen labor discipline, to reduce turnover and loss of working time.
  • arranging of trainings.

For effective performance of our functions, Personnel section needs to liaise with other Company’s departments:

Financial & Administration Department - issues of payment for labor, documents concerning hire, transfer, dismissal, business trips, vacations, rewards, etc. are submitted there;
Legal Affairs Department provides with information on recent changes in the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, provides multilateral legal assistance;
on personnel qualification issues and other personnel management issues - Personnel section constantly interacts with all the Company’s departments.
Over the past 4 years, internal movement has occurred in HR Department, the Management has set new fundamental tasks related to revision of the Department’s objectives to be in compliance with new Company’s Policy, deviation from outdated approaches.